Mellower Coffee Joins Hands with Paul Smith Exhibition in Opening the Door of Specialty Coffee Art

       [October 10th, 2017, Shanghai] Recently, the globally renowned Paul Smith World Touring Exhibition kicked off in the Modern Art Museum, Pudong District, Shanghai. As its sponsor and significant strategic partner, Mellower Coffee was honorably invited to the opening ceremony, which also marked the launch of Mellower Coffee’s brand-new logo.

       At the ceremony, Zheng Hui, Vice President of Mellower Coffee Sales Co., Ltd., and Chen Zijing, Vice President of Coffee Creative Cultural Center of Yunnan Mellower Coffee Co., Ltd., celebrated the opening of Paul Smith Exhibition together with Mr. Paul Smith. In addition, Mr. Smith personally gave a speech to share the wonderful stories behind the Exhibition as well as his own views of creating fashion art with the audience.

       As the best-known contemporary master of design, Paul Smith has created many reserved yet funny fashion pieces, thus gaining popularity among fashion insiders across the entire globe. This very exhibition is a record of the four decades of his career, reproducing Smith’s first fashion house and Fashion Week show. Previously, the Paul Smith World Touring Exhibition has already caused a sensation in Britain, Belgium, Japan and Taiwan. Shanghai stands as the first and also the sole exhibition site in Chinese mainland. The exhibition there is expected to attract up to 120,000 visitors and dozens of mainstream media outlets, hence becoming the most popular topic in the urban communities. Through the cooperation with Paul Smith Exhibition, Mellower Coffee attempts to improve the quality of its brand, and build a fashion-oriented and international brand image featuring both implicitness and elaboration, so as to further expand the high-end consumer market and offer popular yet artistic brand experience of high quality.

       Paul Smith World Touring Exhibition in Shanghai will last three months, during which Mellower Coffee will launch concept pop-up stores, co-branded creative drinks, and spin offs, integrating the specialty coffee with fashion art and thereby providing consumers with the feast for both their eyes and tastes. In the future, Mellower Coffee will continue the cross-border cooperation with international brands, probing into the global specialty coffee market and elevating the brand’s volume and influence. In this way, Mellower Coffee will be able to convey its brand concept — “to pay tribute to those who know how to enjoy their life with refined products” — to more high-level consumers.