Mellower Coffee Sponsors International Coffee Competitions for the Publicity of Specialty Coffee

       [August 15th, 2017] August 15th, 2017 marks the closing ceremony of “2017 Chengdu HOTELEX” in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. This very day also witnessed remarkable winners fighting their way through three days of fierce competitions, including 2018 The China Barista Championship (CBC) — Chengdu Division, 2018 China Brewers Cup — Chengdu Division, World Latte Art Championship (WLAC) 2018 Chinese Champion — Southwest Division, World Coffee Roasting Championship 2018 Chinese Champion and so forth. Mellower Coffee — the leading specialty coffee brand in China — participated in the Chengdu Division championship as one of the major sponsors of CBC.

       It is known that the China Barista Championship (CBC) authorized by the World Coffee Events (WBC) is the most professionally acknowledged international coffee making contest in China, and also represents the highest level of coffee making in China, aiming at facilitating the professionalization progress of barista by means of carrying forward coffee culture and developing coffee of higher quality. Every champion of CBC has the opportunity to participate in the WBC competition on behalf of China, which has always been the ultimate dream and paramount glory for baristas due to the fact that each country would only have one headcount for champion every year. And thanks to the popularity of coffee culture as well as the improvement of economic strength, China has gradually grown into one of the major divisions of world coffee competitions.

       Besides the advertising influence yielded by coffee competitions, coffee-related training has also mushroomed with variety in line with the rapid rise of China’s coffee market. Therefore, plenty of coffee stores provide local coffee fans with various relevant curricula, including popular experience course and profession course. Such positive growth of coffee training institutions also reflects the drastic expansion momentum of the market demand.

       Meanwhile, when it comes to professional barista training, the evalsuation standards and certificate formulated by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is by far one of the most professional barista certificates across the globe. SCAA officially merged with Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) in January, 2017, into the largest and most authoritative Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) worldwide. Consequently, SCA certificate of international recognition serves as a “stepping stone” for practitioners to step into the top-level palace of the coffee sector. Mellower Coffee Academy, subordinate body of Mellower Coffee that possesses a whole supply chain, is honorably one of the few SCA-certified professional training institutions in China.

       According to the Director of Mellower Coffee Academy, the Academy has already set up barista training courses, which have also received certification from SCA, and the students could apply for professional “coffee degrees” by passing the examination after systematic learning. Now the Academy enjoys a large number of applicants who even need to apply in advance to be part of the coffee learning journey. Furthermore, Mellower Coffee is looking forward to jointly facilitating China’s specialty coffee industry to go global with more domestic specialty coffee brands via multiple methods such as coffee trade, coffee training and coffee-oriented commercial activities.