Mellower Coffee Presented in Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo, Bringing Opportunities along the Silk Road

       [August 28th, 2017, Urumqi] The 2017 (China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo was successfully held at the Xinjiang International Convention & Exhibition Center from August 24th to 28th. Themed on “Building Silk Road Platform, Boosting Win-Win Economic Cooperation,” the Expo explored opportunities along the Silk Road in common efforts. Different from previous sessions, a coffee culture exhibition area was built in the Pavilion of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international regions, which became a focus at the Expo.

       The international pavilion has always been the highlight of the Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo. The coffee culture exhibition at this Expo was a non-missing area attracting the most attention. The coffee originated in Africa, and was transported to European countries through the Arabic region. As one of the Muslim-populated areas, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region has a high acceptance to coffee and integrated it as part of the tea culture during the prosperous ages of the Silk Road.

       Currently, the third wave of coffee is accelerating the popularization of specialty coffee in China. Since the establishment of the first coffee shop in Xinjiang in 2013, numerous boutique coffee shops and working studioses for specialty coffee sprang up, nurturing a great number of coffee drinkers. Together with the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the flourish of commercial and cultural activities and exchanges along the Silk Road Economic Belt, specialty coffee has become an important bond of peace and friendship to enhance mutual trust and comprehensive exchanges.

       Mellower Coffee, the leading brand of Chinese specialty coffee, attended the Expo as a special exhibitor. Mellower Coffee exhibited dozens of specialty coffee made from roasted beans from Italy and other different places, and spoiled specialty coffee for taste and appreciation. Under the spotlight of domestic and foreign media, it shared the whole process of making good coffee with audiences from the beginning to the end.

       According to the Director of the Roasted Coffee Bean Division, since its establishment, Mellower coffee has actively introduced excellent coffee products around the world and the coffee culture to Chinese coffee market, and devoted itself to introducing Chinese specialty coffee to the global market. Attending the Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo is more than participating in a commercial talk. Rather, it is the manifestation of Mellower Coffee’s marching to western China, responding to national strategy of the “Belt and Road,” and exploring new opportunities along the Silk Road in joint hands with other coffee brands. Meanwhile, Mellower Coffee also hopes to make full use of the platform of the Expo and bring specialty coffee and its culture to provinces in western China, Asian and European countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt, in order to provide quality specialty coffee to consumers and enhance their joy of quality life.

       Lasting for five days, the Expo attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors and 300 thousand visitors from over 50 countries. Wonderful activities and numerous highlights not only created high value-added commercial opportunities, but also promoted economic and cultural exchanges among various countries, serving as an important channel to facilitate economic and trade cooperation as well as a key window to present Xinjiang’s image.