New R&D General Counsel appointed to facilitate the professionalization of specialty coffee

       [August 4th, 2017, Shanghai] In recent days, Mr. Xu Manhao, a leading talent of Korea’s coffee industry, has assumed the position of R&D General Counsel of Mellower Coffee. Inauguration ceremony was launched at 2 pm of August 3rd, in the Mellower Coffee Shanghai Headquarters.

       It is reported that Director Xu Manhao, graduating from Master program of Food Engineering in Kyung Hee University in South Korea, has been working in the R&D of coffee products since the 1980s, experiencing all three revolutions in the sector — instant coffee, fresh ground coffee and specialty coffee. Hence, he is by all means a Coffee R&D senior true to his name. Mr. Xu’s participation in Mellower Coffee, on one hand, is headed towards the huge potential coffee market in China, while on the other hand, is inspired by the young and vigorous team in Mellower, hoping to make more contributions to the research and development of the specialty coffee through the complete supply chain of Mellower Coffee. According to the chief of brand development in Mellower, inviting Mr. Xu as the R&D General Counsel aims at further promoting the professionalization of Mellower specialty coffee and serves as a significant move in Mellower’s strategic layout in specialty coffee market.

       In recent years, China’s coffee industry has witnessed two major trends: firstly, the development potential of fresh ground coffee surpasses that of instant coffee; secondly, the age of national consumption upgrade is looming on the horizon, where the fresh ground coffee can no longer satisfy the consuming taste of coffee market. In this new age of coffee consumption, consumers start to acknowledge the brands, styles and pureness of coffee, hoping to enjoy pleasure brought by coffee and thus improving the quality of life. As a result, the inevitable trend of coffee industry has to be the specialty coffee.

       Since its establishment, Mellower Coffee has always been dedicated to delivering a better consumption experience via three dimensions, namely, specialty quality, specialty service and specialty experience. The specialty quality is where the foundation of Mellower Coffee lays. For that, the company has kept searching for outstanding talents of the coffee industry to guarantee the quality of its coffee products and services as well as to multiply the product lines by consolidating its own R&D strength, thereby continuously striving to enhance its core competitiveness.

       Entering the future, what will be in short supply would never be consumers, but “a cup of good coffee.” Mellower Coffee, adhering to the mission of “just for a cup of good coffee,” is looking forward to jointly pushing China’s coffee market towards a more diversified future with more emerging Chinese specialty coffee brands of great influence and sense of responsibility.