President of PROBAT Group Visited Mellower Coffee, Helping Mellower Specialty Coffee with Its Globalization

       [August 7th, 2017 Shanghai] Recently, Mr. Wim Abbing, President of PROBAT Group, a world-renowned coffee roasting machine producer, Mr. John Burns, President of PROBAT US, and Zhang Ping, CEO of PROBAT (China), arrived in Shanghai on a visit to partner companies of great significance for communications and exchanges.

       The first company they visited is Mellower Coffee, their long-standing strategic partner in the Chinese market and a leading Chinese specialty coffee brand. Accompanied by staff from Mellower Coffee roasting factory and the brand, they visited the roasting factory and chain stores. During the visit, the two sides discussed issues such as the development of Mellower Coffee and future strategic cooperation in an in-depth manner.

       The brand of PROBAT now has a history of more than 140 years after the production of its first coffee roasting machine in 1848. Located on the bank of the Rhine, it is praised as the Rolls-Royce of the coffee roasting machine industry and the most thoughtful coffee roasting machine. According to the head of the Mellower Coffee roasting factory, Mellower has entered into partnership with PROBAT, a top brand of coffee roasting machine, since the very beginning of its establishment. Currently, the factory has coffee roasters of different types custom-made by PROBAT and the most advanced fully automated roasting production line.

       The fully automated delivery and roasting system of PROBAT can be connected to computer programs for the recording of roasting curves, and it can also be controlled by computers for automatic roasting, thus reducing human interference to the largest extent to ensure that every bean is at its best quality during the roasting process as well as the stability of the roasting quality. Mr. Wim Abbing spoke highly of the quality of Mellower Coffee after tasting it, and appreciated and supported the development route of Mellower Specialty Coffee. He said that the Chinese coffee market might be a late starter, but it had been developing much faster than its western counterparts. China’s coffee market, especially the specialty coffee market holds huge potential. In the future, PROBAT will conduct deeper strategic cooperation with Mellower Coffee and expand its market in China.

       The head of the brand said, during the communication, that PROBAT was able to ensure above-the-industry roasting quality of Mellower Coffee largely thanks to its continuous revolution of the R&D and manufacturing of coffee roasting devices and techniques. As a high-end roaster brand, PROBAT also needs promising partners like Mellower Coffee during its development. The cooperation is a strategic combination of two strong brands. In the future, Mellower Coffee will stay focused on making a cup of good coffee on its way to specialized, professional and globalized development. Additionally, it will strengthen its brand capacity, and improve its service and customer experience by expanding partnership with top brands, professionals and world-class coffee bean growing areas, thus to serve the ultimate purpose of providing more consumers with high-quality life experience.