Mellower Coffee Showed Up at HOTELEX 2017 with Coffee Beans from “Best of Colombia”

       The 26th Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Expo (HOTELEX) was successfully concluded on March 31st, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. HOTELEX is the largest, most influential and best expo for hotel and catering, attracting exhibitors from all over the world including Chinese Mainland, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Representatives from industry associations and business groups both at home and abroad were also present at the Expo. HOTELEX, integrating competition, exhibition, studying and matchmaking, was made a truly exceptional feast of procurement for the hotel and catering industry.

       As a leading brand of Chinese specialty coffee, Mellower Coffee was invited to HOTELEX as the chief sponsor of the China Barista Championship (CBC) with new series products that are welcomed extensively, including the Classic series (coffee beans, drip coffee and bag coffee), Single Origin series (coffee beans and drip coffee), as well as the world’s champion coffee beans from Colombia. At the Expo, Mellower Coffee once again glittered among many brands. It not only led the Chinese coffee industry, but also won a vast number of new fans.

       The beans of treasure — “Best of Columbia” originates from Columbia. The “Best from Columbia” received great acclaims once unveiled. Wu Jiahang, Chairman of the Columbia Coffee Association, Dai Wei, Director of Mellower Coffee’s roasting factory, and Ouyang Qi, Dean of Mellower Coffee Academy, shared with audiences from how the Mellower Coffee’s team sought for the best coffee beans to how they won the bid for the coffee beans despite the fierce competition. With these, Mellower Coffee’s stand was overcrowded.

       China’s leading coffee brand Mellower Coffee has made great efforts in recent years to popularize the culture of specialty coffee, a case being the sponsorship for the 2017 CBC. Robert William Thoresen, winner of the first WBC and founder of Norwegian specialty coffee brand Kaffa, and Alex, Bachelor in Economics and Kaffa’s senior barista, were invited to the event. They brought 11 quality coffees (CCS coffee) from Ethiopia and Kenya for on-site tasting and sharing with visitors, which aimed to contribute to the popularization of the culture of specialty coffee.

       Friends were made via coffee, and champion was born through competition. During the three-day contest, talents from the coffee circle presented themselves one after another, and the challenger stayed calm to address the challenge from other players, attracting a lot of screaming people. The Home Barista contest initiated by CTI invited champion bartenders, including King Chan, Li Tao, Huang Yan, Li Qi, Ouyang Qi and Song Runan to the event as professional judges.

       For the whole year, Mellower Coffee witnessed, as the chief sponsor of CBC, the championships held all over China together with lovers of specialty coffee. With excitement, Pan Zhimin became the new champion, and Zhu Jingui and Hu Ying won the second and the third place respectively. Mellower Coffee has established a significant milestone in the culture of Chinese specialty coffee.

       Riding on the 2017 Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Expo, Mellower Coffee once again presented a series of forward-looking ideas to the world, which manifested its passion for popularizing the culture of Chinese specialty coffee and drew up the beautiful vision of unswervingly improving the quality of Chinese specialty coffee.