Mellower Coffee Adopted Brand New Logo, Upgrading the Image of Specialty Coffee

       [Sept 18, 2017, Shanghai] Recently, the Mellower Coffee Co., Ltd, China’s leading specialty coffee brand and head office of the Mellower Coffee Group, made an announcement. As was put in the announcement, Mellower Coffee adopted a new logo since Sept 18, 2017, for the purposes of further improving the corporate image, building a coffee brand and enhancing its international clout and competitive edges.

       It is learned that the new logo was designed by a renowned British design company. Built upon the original intention of the brand, the logo was simple, unvarnished and alive with magnificence. Well-defined sleek lines present a letter M, which is the initial letter of Mellower, the brand’s English name. Grand and majestic, it speaks of the Mellower spirit—to make steady progress in a low-profile manner and to head for the future with a perseverant and enterprising heart. Also, the new logo gives expression to the robust whole industrial chain of the brand as well as its persistent and unswerving pursuit of high-quality products. The new logo radiates one-of-a-kind characteristics that are timeless and last forever.

       When it is put in the context of the brand, the new logo M, for one thing, is an abbreviated form of the brand’s English name Mellower Coffee. It mirrors the philosophy of the brand, which is “Just for A Cup of Good Coffee”. For another, the letter M represents the phrase Master Piece, as in the slogan that Mellower Coffee only produces masterpieces and as indicated in the mission of the brand —to “pay tribute to you who know how to enjoy your life with refined products”. Meanwhile, M represents every member of Mellower Coffee and every follower of the mellow Mellower coffee. From the angle of spreading, the minimalism of the new logo makes it more identifiable, bouncier and more apt for spreading. These features will in turn boost the standardization and unification of the brand image in the diversified all-round development of the Mellower Group. Consistent with Mellower’s global strategic development layout, it is an important initiative in Mellower’s ambition to develop into the “top specialty coffee brand in China”!

       According to heads of Mellower Coffee, since its establishment in 2011, Mellower Coffee has opened nearly 30 specialty coffee chain stores across the world and grown into the only group company that has left its footprint throughout the coffee industrial chain, covering roasting factories, coffee extract factories, the sales of coffee products, office coffee solutions and the spread of coffee culture. Mellower Coffee is also on the way to fulfill its goal to go global as a Chinese coffee brand. Mellower Coffee will reach out to a wider global market in the days to come. The upgrading of the brand logo rides on its development needs, highlights its global strategic layout and shares high relevance with the ideas of Mellower Coffee. More importantly, it marks a new start for Mellower Coffee after six years of cultivation and growth!

       A small change underpins a larger pattern! The brand new logo manifests the determination and perspective of Mellower Coffee in the pursuit of masterpieces, professionalism and globalized development. It signals that the brand is becoming increasingly mature as well. We expect Mellower Coffee to wield an increasingly stronger clout in the global specialty coffee market in the future, as the spearhead Chinese specialty coffee brand!