Why Does Specialty Coffee Need to be Popularized?

Ever since early 20th century, specialty coffee went viral in Japan, Korea and western countries. People started to care more about

the subtle changes of feelings specialty coffeebrought to their nose and then mouth, and enjoyed the pleasure of its multi-layered taste.

To let more people get to know about and fall in love with specialty coffee,Mellower Coffee works to popularize specialty coffee culture,

dispel misunderstandings among Chinese consumers towards it, and offer high quality coffee to the market.

Places of Origin Green Coffee Beans

With an aim to source special and better coffee beans, we’ve established strategic cooperation relationship with coffee fincas

and suppliers in major places of origin,and send bean finders visiting coffee fincas and processing factories across the globe.

Through purchasing coffee beans directly, we are able to ensure the freshness of raw materials.

Coffee Roasting Factory

Roasting is vital in coffee making. No matter how good the bean is, refined roasting techniques are necessary.

Only in this way,can the bean’s special flavor be manifested.It can thus be said that a coffee roasting factory that

ensures stable production and effective supply is the guarantee of a cup of high quality coffee.Therefore, we established

a first-rate coffee roasting factory in Shanghai,equipped it with worldly advanced production and processing facilities

and China’s only one fully automatic roasting production line,and assigned there a professional team of champion baristas

to take charge of quality control and coffee roasting for stable product quality.

Prepackaged Coffee Products

The pursuit for quality coffee is shown everywhere in Mellower Coffee. In order to provide customers with

a cup of quality coffee any time they need it,we developed and produced roasted beans, drip coffee, bag coffee

and other retail products featuring high quality and convenience.

Specialty Coffee Chain Stores

As specialty coffee is introduced from western countries in the early 21th century, the Chinese people also starts the aesthetic pursuit of coffee.

Mellower Coffee believes that the specialty of coffee lies not only in the quality of coffee itself, but premium service and exquisite experiences.

Over 20 specialty coffee chain stores directly operated both at home and abroad are coffee culture experience centers we establish elaborately.

Simple decoration, professional baristas, warm welcomes and dedicated gestures, all of which are our coffee aesthetics.

Coffee Academy

Promoting the exchanges and popularization of specialty coffee culture is what we are dedicated to in the development of China’s coffee industry.

With respect for the professional techniques of coffee making,we established Mellower Coffee Academy.It is our hope that it can help train more

excellent coffee professionals,guide more coffee lovers to have a deep understanding of the culture,and create a platform for customers and

baristas to communicate and a cultural circle for them to share.


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